The Abundance Appeal

Update on our Abundance Appeal (12/14/2020):

In 2020, 88 of our congregations (57%) made a Mission Support intent to our synod. As of today, 41 of our congregations have made a Mission Support Intent for 2021 and 21 of these are new intents! Our goal is 117 congregations (75%) and 30 new intents for 2021, and we are well on our way! Thanks be to God!  We give thanks for all the congregations who have made already made intents for 2021. If your congregation still needs to make a 2021 intent, the link is here (click picture below):

In addition, as you have read in our vice president's update, our synod giving is behind for 2020, but we have great confidence that God is abundant. We give God thanks for the individuals and congregations who have responded already to our Abundance Appeal. 100% of our synod staff and Synod Council, Deans, individuals, and many generous congregations have made over $85K in intents and our synod is well on our way towards making up the $225K shortfall. Again, God is good. God is abundant. Thanks be to God!