Who to Contact

You can find a complete staff directory here.  In addition, the list below may help you identify who to contact for a question or concern you may have.

Abuse Prevention in Congregations - Reverend Jill Henning

Address and Contact Information Changes/Database  - Ms. Carolyn Davis

Advocacy - Reverend Matt Steinhauer

Bishop's Calendar - Ms. Carolyn Davis

Business Services - Ms. Holly Liersch

Call Process - Reverend Karen Boda 

Campus Ministry - Reverend Michael Jannett

Candidacy - Reverend Jill Henning

Committees and Task Forces - Reverend Karen Boda

Communications - Reverend Michael Jannett

Compensation Guidelines - Reverend Karen Boda

Congregation Constitutional Questions - Reverend Delmer Chilton or 404-556-6238

Congregational Vitality/Mission  Planning - Reverend Patti Axel and Ms. Melissa Fuller Sims

Copyright Information - Call the Synod Office

Deans - Reverend Jill Henning 

Disaster Relief Financial Donations - Ms. Holly Liersch

Disaster Response - Reverend Stacey Parvin

Domestic Hunger Grants - Reverend Jill Henning

Ecumenical Officer - Reverend Delmer Chilton or 404-556-6238 

E-News Network - Reverend Michael Jannett

Financial Questions - Ms. Holly Liersch

First Call Theological Education - Reverend Michael Jannett and Reverend Jill Henning

Global Mission - Reverend Karen Boda 

        Guatemala  - Reverend Jill Henning

        Augsburg - Reverend Michael Jannett

        Malaysia/Singapore - Reverend Karen Boda

Grants - to be assigned

Houser and Kessler Scholarships - Reverend Jill Henning

Interim Pastors - Reverend Karen Boda

Leadership Sexual Abuse Prevention - Reverend Jill Henning

Leadership Boundary Training - Reverend Karen Boda

Leadership Convocation:  Programming & Logistics - Reverend Jill Henning

Lutheran Youth Organization (SESLYO) - Reverend Michael Jannett

Mission Interpretation - Reverend Patti Axel and Ms. Melissa Fuller Sims

Mobility - Reverend Karen Boda 

Morton Fund - Reverend Patti Axel

Mutual Ministry Committee - Bishop Kevin Strickland

New Starts including Synod Authorized Worshiping Communities (SAWCs) - Reverend Patti Axel and Ms. Melissa Fuller Sims

Nominations (Assembly) - Reverend Karen Boda

Office Manager - Ms. Holly Liersch 

Out-of-state pastor ability to perform  ceremony - Check with Clerk of Court in  the county of the ceremony 

Portico/Pre-retirement Questions - Reverend Jill Henning

Report Leadership Misconduct - Bishop Kevin Strickland or call the synod office at 404-589-1977 to leave a confidential voice mail message for Bishop Strickland

Resolutions (Assembly) - Reverend Delmer Chilton

Roster - Ms. Carolyn Davis

Stewardship - Reverend Karen Boda

Supply Pastors

          Available to Supply - See list here

          Request to be added - Reverend Karen Boda

Synod Assembly 

          Manager - Reverend Jill Henning

          Payments - Ms. Holly Liersch

Synod Authorized Ministers - Ms. Carolyn Davis

Synod Council

           Liaison - Reverend Karen Boda

           Logistics - Ms. Carolyn Davis

Website - Reverend Michael Jannett

Women of the ELCA - Ms. Carolyn Davis 

Youth and Young Adult Ministry - Reverend Michael Jannett